It's All About the Local

We are a group of people that got together in 2012 in the beautiful lakes region of Steuben County in Northern Indiana to brew beer as it's meant to be: richly flavored, meticulously crafted, and consistently drinkable. We believe that when you crack open a can of Chapman's the fresh beer you taste will be memorable–it doesn't need flashy marketing to make an impression. Our beers are smooth and drinkable, not overpowering or challenging, and always leave you wanting another. 

As we grew in northern Indiana through our tap room and in distribution, we realized an important thing - A hundred years ago, every modest-sized town in Indiana had it's own brewery. Local meant local beer, made by and enjoyed with people you knew. 

When we opened our first tap room at the brewery, we were surprised and honored by the local people that made us a regular visit each week, sometimes a lot more than once a week! These people call Angola and Steuben County home and we gave them another reason to be proud of it.

In early 2016 we opened our second tap room in Fort Wayne, partnering with Fortezza, a great local coffee shop in the heart of downtown. Serving craft coffee in the morning, craft beer in the afternoon is a perfect match for the professional people working downtown, the folks who call downtown home, and visitors heading to a Tin Caps game, the art museum, or out to dinner. 

In August of 2016 we opened our third tap room in Columbia City - a fantastic location directly across the street from the courthouse. Columbia City, located between Fort Wayne and Warsaw, has beautiful lakes, excellent schools, and a view to grow.

In March of 2017 we opened our fourth tap room in Wabash, directly across the street from the Charley Creek Inn and one block away from the Honeywell Center. We've completely restored a historically significant building in the heart of downtown Wabash and filled it with a fantastic bar and eclectic furniture. 

We see a unique opportunity to be a true part of the communities that enjoy our beer. If you live in a small town in Indiana, let us know - we'd like to come visit. 


Why We Brew

With our 20-barrel brewhouse and 280 barrels of simultaneous fermentation capacity, we have created well-paying jobs for local Hoosiers. Our employees are our neighbors, and our neighbors just seem to love drinking our beer. We're honored to give back to the community by making charitable donations and sponsoring events that build up strong relationships. Caring for our neighborhood and our shared environment is at the heart of what we do. From the very beginning we've chosen to package our beer in 16-ounce pint cans, not bottles, in order to reduce our carbon footprint.